Saturday, January 14, 2012

When is A Man Cave Not A Man Cave?

A few years ago my husband and I were thinking of moving and began the daunting task of house hunting. I was focused on kitchens and closet space. He was focused on where he could put his man cave.

Man what? Apparently this is a space in the house where the men can congregate – preferably in the basement.

The requirements are:

photo credit: MikeBehnken via photo pin cc

-areas to display said man’s sports paraphernalia and shot glass collection
-several pieces of leather furniture
-a *real* dart board
-a small refrigerator for the man’s adult beverages
-a pool table
-a large flat screen tv/stereo system/gaming system/surround sound
-a ventilated area for cigar smoking
-an office area for the man’s computer

-oh and no woMen allowed

Thanks to the housing market and our inability to sell our existing home, we stayed put and my husband’s man cave dreams were crushed. Our current basement is more like an odd shaped storage unit - without any chance of becoming a man cave.

However, not all hope was lost. Toward the back of the house we had an extra bedroom. It started out as an office and had morphed through the years into that room where you put everything that doesn’t have a home. The room you keep telling yourself you will clean out, but never do. The room that always has the door shut. The soon to be new man cave....

Mother nature must have thought we needed a little push because she decided to create a blizzard last year that created an ice dam under our roof that created a water fall in our spare room that caused us my husband to empty it out and call a contractor to begin work on his soon to be man cave.

The man cave was finally going to happen ... with concessions.

1. There would be no pool table – the room is big, but not that big.
2. There would be no cigar smoking.
3. There would be women...

That’s right you heard me. My husband recognized the fact that I needed a space for my writing *stuff* and we agreed to convert the back part of the room into an office area we both could use. We will each have an L shaped desk against the back wall, with a printer/fax station in the middle. Yes, I will have my back to everything, but I will still be in the room. I have already picked out this lamp for my desk:

No even I'm not that mean...  Below is actually the lamp I want (although, I guess in man cave terms it's really not much better.)

Plus I have to have my beloved Degas print on the wall above my desk.

Oh and did I mention the day bed? That’s right, instead of the leather couch, we will have a day bed for guest sleeping. I’m guessing floral bedding won’t work.

But have no fear – we still have plans for that flat screen tv and maybe even a leather armchair for my husband’s much anticipated man “area.”

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