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Book Review: Noah Zarc: Mammoth Trouble

What do you get when you combine a 12 year old who can time travel through outer space, a family who wants to save Earth’s animals, and a cave girl who has never been to Mars? You get Noah Zarc: Mammoth Trouble – a fun and action packed book that both kids and adults will love.

I have to admit – Science Fiction never really peaked my interest. In fact, I may be the only person who has never seen Star Wars (It’s true!) So, nobody was more surprised than I was, when I found myself not being able to put D. Robert Pease’s Middle Grade novel down. In fact, I read it over the course of a single weekend.

Without giving away the plot or the ending, let me highlight a few of the things I loved about this book:

• The main character Noah, is a paraplegic – yet he doesn’t let it get him down. I love how his character’s disability is written – sort of like an afterthought – it’s important, but it doesn’t change who Noah is, proving nothing can slow him down. A great message for kids and adults.
• Noah has to tackle some tough issues regarding his family. D. Robert Pease does a great job of showing the range of emotions a boy this age would go through in this situation – while keeping the writing appropriate for the age of his target readers.
• For the adult readers – there are some great references. For instance there is a reference to one of their old space ships crashing in New Mexico a while back. It sort of reminds me of Shrek in that there are lines for both kids and adults to enjoy – but for different reasons. I’m sure there are many more references in Noah Zarc I didn’t get, since I am not a science fiction aficionado. Hopefully my husband can clue me in once he reads it!

Despite the title and biblical references (Noah’s siblings are named Sam and Hamilton and they live on a spaceship called ARC) this is not a religious story. It is however, a fun space age version of the ancient tale with many twists and turns to keep both you and your young reader wanting more. Definitely a 5 star book for me - I am looking forward to book two!

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Noah lives for piloting spaceships through time, dodging killer robots and saving Earth's animals from extinction.
Life couldn't be better.
But the twelve-year-old time traveler learns it could be a whole lot worse. His mom is kidnapped and taken to Mars; his dad is stranded in the Ice Age; and Noah is attacked at every turn by a foe bent on destroying Earth... for the second time.
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D. Robert Pease has been interested in creating worlds since childhood. From building in the sandbox behind his house, to drawing fantastical worlds with paper and pencil, there has hardly been a time he hasn't been off on some adventure in his mind, to the dismay of parents and teachers alike. Also, since the moment he could read, books have consumed vast swaths of his life. From The Mouse and the Motorcycle, to The Lord of the Rings, worlds just beyond reality have called to him like Homer's Sirens. It's not surprising then he chose to write stories of his own. Each filled with worlds just beyond reach, but close enough we can all catch a glimpse of ourselves in the characters.
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