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Author Spotlight: Fran Lewis

I first met Fran Lewis about a month ago. I was a guest on “A Good Story is A Good Story” on Blog Talk Radio with Marsha Casper Cook. Fran was also a guest. I knew that Fran was a respected book reviewer and radio host (she has her own show called Book Discussion with Fran Lewis on Blogtalk Radio.), but I did not know Fran was a fellow children’s author. I just knew I had to learn more about this energetic and lovely woman!

Fran has three children’s books: My Name is Bertha, Bertha Speaks Out, and Bertha Fights Back.

So without any further delay – let’s meet Bertha:

Sometimes I wonder just how I am going to get through another day of school. Some of the kids are really mean and are constantly making fun of me because I am overweight, my clothes are not very stylish and I have to wear saddle shoes because my feet are flat. Added to that everyone considers me tall for my age. At 10 I am five feet tall but I can tell you know compared to some of the other kids I am really quite short. My sister, Tillie is really very pretty and she does not like when the other kids make fun of me or try to embarrass me when I walk up the stairs, do square dancing during gym or even try and play outdoor sports. She is thin, agile and has the most beautiful voice in the world. She stars in all of the school’s musicals. This year she will play Anna in the King and I and last year she played Julie in Carousel. I get to play the piano for her during the show. I am really great on the piano and now with my new black-rimmed glasses you do not want to know what I look like.

Rehearsals are fun and I love playing the score from this show. But, I really hope they let me play at least one or two during the real performance which is on Friday Night at 8P.M. My sister really wants me to accompany her at least for two or three of the songs since I have been playing during the rehearsals. My sister wears glasses too and we joke about the fact that she can’t see without them. So, I have the cutest present for her for after the show. (Please don’t tell Tillie: A great bouquet of carrots in order to improve her eyesight). Cute right!

I have spent many days trying to lose weight and go on some kind of diet. But, no matter how hard I try I seem to always want to eat sweets, ice cream, pizza and other junk foods when I feel stressed or have to study for a test. My mom is great but she insists that I get a perfect score on my tests. If I get anything but 100 percent I have to write the test over to learn from my mistakes. So, I get stressed out, pig out and pray that I get a perfect score so I don’t have to spend time writing math, science or any other test over again.

Being overweight is not great. Losing weight is hard. Being kind to other kids and teaching them tolerance and not to make fun of others is what the teachers try to do but do not always succeed in doing. Remember: There is lunchtime, recess and gym time and that is when the teachers might not hear or see everything that happens. But, for those of you out there who are overweight and feel they will never lose an ounce. Don’t give up. With the help of my sister, Tillie, my grandmother, Katie and one smart doctor who figured out I had a thyroid problem, I know I will lose some weight.

P.S. I am going to accompany my sister on Friday Night for at least two songs. Playing the piano and the violin makes me feel special. Everyone has a talent and everyone is special and unique in his/her own way. I am lucky to have a great sister like Tillie. She is my best friend.


Fran's Sister Marcia - aka Tillie


Bertha is my character’s name
Hoping to get her some glory and fame
Won’t you take a chance and read about her
Bertha Speaks Out you might prefer

She is over weight and not so cute
She is smart and very astute
Her mind works overtime and she has great wit
Never underestimating her I will admit

Resourceful and clever at weight loss camp
She hid her away her snacks this smart scamp
Dealing with tough girls and getting straight A’s
Bertha finally speaks out and changes her ways

A teacher who gave her a really hard time
Would not submit her story and that was a crime
Because her classmates rated it the best
She would not sit still or give it a rest

Although she might not have gone about all the right way
She finally spoke out and had her own day
To express to her parents how she really did feel
You need to read my book Bertha it has great appeal.

She Fights Back next against injustice and more
So read all three of her books and learn the real score.

-Fran and Bertha


What I love about Fran’s books is that they teach, among other things, acceptance. I’m thinking Bertha and Nate Rocks should meet up – yes, I know Nate doesn’t like girls, but I’m pretty sure he’d make an exception for this amazing young lady! Just imagine what they could accomplish if they tackled the world together!

Thank you so much Fran for introducing us to Bertha today!

Books By Fran Lewis:

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