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Guest Post: E.C. Stilson: Kids and Writing

Today, I have the pleasure of handing over my blog to fellow author, E.C. Stilson. Thanks so much for stopping by today Elisa! I hope you'll all show her some love.


E.C. Stilson on Kids and Writing

A few months after I decided to quit my sewing business and pursue a writing career, my kids seemed a bit resentful.

"You're not spending as much time with us in the mornings. All you want to do is write," the Scribe (my oldest) said.

It was a hard adjustment for them because normally I'd sew during the night, but with writing, my best ideas came to me in the morning. So, after a few conversations with my husband, we came up with a plan.

One Saturday, my oldest girls woke up and saw writing supplies on the table. There were two piles, one for each of my girls.

"What's this?" the Hippie asked.

"Today, we're going to write a story together." I told them how you should know your ending first, then you can plan an opposite beginning and a logical mid-point. "If you want the person to end as a hero, then in the beginning, maybe he should be the opposite."

"That makes sense, like in fantasy books."

"Right." I nodded.

The Scribe took a deep breath. "You're really going to help us?" she asked.

"Absolutely." So, we took advantage of the perfect Saturday morning and we wrote. They had the best time imagining twists and turns, the setting and the characters. Before long we were smiling over a creation that was all our own.

"Now I know why you write," my oldest girl said. "I even get why you laugh and cry at the computer sometimes." (So that was a bit embarrassing, but at least it was progress.) "If this is your new job, can we write when you write?"

"Sure. I might not be able to help you the whole time, like I did today, but I'll always be here if you want fresh ideas or how to fix holes in the story."

We shook on it and the pact was made.

Things have been much easier since then. I've written three books (one which was just released on 11/18/11) and now I'm even raising a small army of writers--four to be exact. Writing might not always be easy, but if you work hard enough, I think it's worth it in the end.

About Elisa

E.C. Stilson has her degree through the University of Phoenix. She started writing nearly nine years ago, just before finding out her son might die. Writing became the best way for her to cope even after his death. Her recently published book, "The Golden Sky," is about the journey that ensued when she lost her son and all hope, but found that after every storm, there is a golden sky.

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