Sunday, September 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Nate Rocks the World: The Science Project.

Time for another random six sentence pull from Nate Rocks the World (it is Six Sentence Sunday after all!)

In this scene... Nathan has to spend his Saturday working on his science project with his partner ... the dreaded Lisa Crane. You know Lisa - she is the annoying class know-it-all. Sounds like another fun afternoon for poor Nathan:


“Okay, so I have everything all planned out. We are going to make a prism out of plastic and then show how the light reflects through it to make a rainbow.”

“Rainbows?” I could already hear the other kids laughing at me at recess, asking if we are also researching fairies and leprechauns. “How about something more exciting like lightning instead?”

“Sure Nathan, we’ll just stand outside during a storm and play with big bolts of electricity that shoot from the sky,” Lisa says, rolling her eyes at me.


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