Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nate Rocks the World - Six Sentence Sunday

Hi friends - today I am participating in "Six Sentence Sunday." My task is to post just six sentences from my book, Nate Rocks the World. This is not easy - but at the advice of my twitter pal Gena Morris (@themorrisbunch) I am randomly opening up a page and pointing my finger to.... Ah - this is a fun scene actually.

 Okay - we are in chapter 5 and it is Halloween night. Nathan has decided to go as a cowboy. He is extra excited because for the first time in 10 years, he is getting to put together his costume all by himself. Usually his mom helps, which wouldn't be so bad except that her sewing skills are a little ... well ... unskillful... Just as Nathan thinks he is in the clear - his mom arrives with a surprise - a fringed vest she made just for him - one arm hole is too big, one armhole is too small - you get the picture......


 The entire vest is lopsided, and the fabric looks like it was made out of black trash bags.

 "Hmmm," Mom says. She tries to pull on the left side to straighten it out. "Something is not quite right here."

No kidding, I think to myself, but Mom keeps fiddling with it, trying to make the vest work. Then, as if ten years of praying has finally paid off, Mom pulls the vest off me, balls it up, and throws it in the trash.


 Did you enjoy this tiny excerpt? Let me know & I just may post another Six Sentence Sunday for you next week!

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