Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Wonders of Coffee

I woke up this morning wanting to blog, but was unable to come up with anything to blog about. Even my trusty shower failed to produce any ideas. So I went into the kitchen to get my first morning cup of coffee. I opened my laptop and began my morning routine of catching up on emails, tweets, facebook, blogs... you know the drill. It was then I stumbled upon Mama Kat. Mama Kat has an awesome blog that includes a Writer’s Workshop section. You simply click on the tab and you are instantly given a random writing prompt. I decided to give it a try. My prompt:

A list of 10 reasons you do or do not drink coffee

photo credit: Coffee shop sign via photopin (license)
Well – obviously for me it is a “do” response... so here we go:

1. The morning kick – need I say more?
2. The smell – yummy – licious. People who don’t like coffee have admitted to me that they love the smell.
3. The taste – yes I LOVE the taste of coffee with just a bit of cream (I actually like the non-dairy stuff which I affectionately refer to as the powder crap – don’t judge). Even when I was pregnant and had to give up caffeine, I switched to decaf because I missed the taste so much.
4. The intake – nothing beats that first cup – it is the perfect combination of fresh taste and temperature – actually the 2nd and 3rd cup are pretty good too!
5. It allegedly curbs your appetite – It’s been 20+ years – I’m still waiting for that one to kick in!
6. It’s the perfect excuse to have a slice of cake or cookie(s) later in the day (refer back to #5)
7. You can drink it hot or cold. I’m a big fan of iced coffee. But in the morning – it must be hot – just saying.
8. It’s the one aspect of your life where it is acceptable to be a “snob” about something. For example – some people drink only Starbucks, some swear Dunkin Donuts is best, some like only organic or fair trade. For me – my top pick is Wawa (it’s a northeast thing). Dunkin Donuts isn’t bad, but it is always way too hot – even with cold milk. I hate having to wait for my coffee to cool down (can you see the snobbery coming out?) I really don’t like Starbucks, unless it’s a frappacino – yum. At home I'm less picky. I usually like a good quality light or medium roast. But one thing is always true – I always have some sort of coffee stocked in my house.
9. It’s good for you – It’s bad for you – It’s good for you – It’s bad for you... the reports seem to change every week – so I’m going with “It’s good for you.”
10. My kids... My morning coffee = happy mama. They deserve that don't you think?

So there you have it – my 10 reasons.

Thanks Mama Kat for the writing prompt!


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