Friday, June 10, 2011

The Friday Five - 6/10/11

Hi all – it’s been another hot week with lots going on as usual. The end of the school year is always so hectic – exams, field trips, parties, recitals, and .......

1. GRADUATION! Today, my youngest graduates preschool. I wrote about the last day of preschool earlier in the week. But that was nothing compared to how I am feeling about graduation... I am so filled with mixed emotions today. It is so bittersweet, as he is the third and last baby. I am so excited and so not excited, I’m thrilled, I’m worried, I’m joyful, I’m tearful. But one thing is certain – I am very, very proud. He has been practicing all week for his “Gradulation.” There will be many tissues today.

2. Sunburn. To say I am pasty white is an understatement. My oldest is one of those people who just thinks about the sun and instantly turns the perfect shade of golden brown. He did not get this from me. When I go outside, one of two things happen. Either I gain an extra freckle or two, or I burn. There is no inbetween for me. Can you guess which happened this week? At least I got a good dose of Vitamin D!

3. Roadwork. A few weeks ago we received a letter from the water company telling us they would be replacing the water lines in our road at some point between May 23rd and mid September (way to narrow it down guys.) Well guess what started this week at 7am? My 4 year old thought it was “so sweet” that we had a bulldozer show out our front window. I was just glad I could get my car out. They should be finishing up today... I am looking forward to the quiet once again.

4. Book news. You know I have to update you every week! Well, I am still working on finalizing the interior/exterior design of NATE ROCKS THE WORLD, but in the meantime, I have arranged for three on-line interviews over the next few weeks. There are so many fabulous and generous bloggers out there – thank you! I’m hoping to put together a “book blog tour”! I will post updates, links and dates on my website as I finalize everything. NATE the sequel is also moving along. I’m having so much fun writing more of his adventures.

5. Blog Award. That’s right, my little blog received an award this week! Thank you to The Twisted Mummy Chronicles for awarding the Versitile Blogger Award to me. I’m truly honored and I would like to thank The Academy.... oh wait, wrong award. In any event – I’m very excited. Be sure to come back this weekend when I will be the one handing out awards... you may even learn seven new things about me :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend – thanks for checking in. See you next Friday... and hopefully sooner!


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