Friday, June 24, 2011

The Friday Five - 6/24/11

Hi all – I hope everyone had a great week! To be honest, it was an exhausting (and mostly great) week for me.   Before I start, thank you to all who asked about my four year old. He is feeling better and is back to his happy and healthy self. Now, onto my crazy week:

1. Dance Recital. My daughter was in two back to back shows – 8 dances in total. Two in ballet, three in modern/lyrical and three high-energy hip hop routines. I am always amazed that she can remember that many steps! There was a lot of rushing backstage to help with costume changes and then rushing back to my seat. The hair changes were the worst part for me. I definitely need 'bun making for dummies.' But - - it was SO worth it. She and all of the other dancers were amazing and so fun to watch.

2. Lightning. This actually happened last Friday, but it was after I had already written my Friday Five. At around 2:30 am, I woke to the sound of thunder that was so loud my house shook. Confession time – I am terrified of storms!! Lightning struck one after another after another. The next morning we woke up to discover that our big screen TV was fried, along with the upright freezer that is in the pantry room directly on the other side of the wall where the TV is. Of course, it completely missed my 20 year old washer and dryer – it had to go for the less than five year old appliances. Thank goodness I had unplugged my laptop after the first round of thunder struck (priorities you know!)

3. Book News. Busy week for NATE ROCKS THE WORLD! In case you did not see my post from a few days ago, my cover is finished!!!! I am so SO loving it. What do you think? My interior design is also completed and ready for print! Thank you again Deana at Book Starter for all your creative touches. It is now off to the printer and hopefully ready in just a few more weeks in both print and digital formats. I hope to upload chapter one for you to check out very soon.

4. Camp Packing. After my gung-ho start a few weeks back (and by gung-ho I mean pulling bins & duffle bags out of the attic and leaving them in the bedroom where they sat collecting more dust), I calmly realized majorly freaked, that the kids were leaving in just a few days with nothing really packed. So, I enlisted my two older kids to sort through their clothes and other necessities. They brought everything to my room (translation: they threw their things haphazardly all over my floor). I now have piles of stuff to sort through, label, and pack this weekend. Aren’t you jealous? Which leads right into number five:

5. Kids. I write about the packing and being exhausted and feeling like my children’s personal assistant, driver, butler, chef, and maid. And – well – while all that is true, I did sincerely love having them home all week with me. In between all of their various social engagements, we spent some quality time hanging out, playing games, shopping, eating out, talking and laughing. I think they may have even enjoyed hanging out with me as well... don’t worry kids – I won’t tell anyone!

Hope everyone has a great weekend – thanks for checking in. See you next Friday... and hopefully sooner!


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