Friday, May 13, 2011

The First Official Friday Five - 5/13/11

Several times this week, I tried to sit down to write a blog post. The truth is, this week has been NUTS. So many things were going on that I could have written fifty blog posts. Unfortunately, with a crazy week also comes the lack of free time to write. Therefore, I thought I would start a new regular blog article called “The Friday Five.” In addition to my regular blog posts, I will now pick five topics of interest (to me at least) to talk about every Friday.

So let’s get started with the first official “The Friday Five” on this Friday the 13th :

1. Chicks! Last Friday, my son’s preschool class received an incubator with several eggs from a local farm. After much anticipation and care, the eggs hatched on Monday! Everyone was so excited to see the adorable fluffy chicks. My son was disappointed to learn he would not be bringing them home. His teacher was just glad that they were “a-l-i-v-e.” I learned that brown chicks are male. Talk about cute!!! Sadly, the chicks returned to the farm yesterday.

2. Editors and Designers, Oh My After many MANY rounds of self-editing, I decided it was time to get serious with NATE ROCKS THE WORLD. So I asked, researched, surfed, did everything possible to find both an editor and cover designer who understood my goals, style, personality & most importantly – budget. Very exciting!!

3. Mac Obsessed! Many of you have seen my rants on Facebook lately about my laptop. To make a long story short, I am on my 2nd laptop in 4 years and it is misbehaving terribly. It seemed like everywhere I turned, people were telling me to get a Mac. After many weeks of deliberations and drooling, my husband surprised me on Mother’s Day, by telling me it was time to go to the other side. I am now waiting for it to arrive. If anyone is interested in hearing about where I got an amazing deal, leave me a comment. Bye-bye disposable computers.

4. The Dentist Look, I have nothing against dentists, I just would prefer they finish the work they scheduled me for before they go and sell their practice! One root canal down and one crown waiting, I get the call that my dentist is no more. I still have to finish this crown; plus go for one more root canal, 3 more crowns and an extraction. Luckily, the new person takes my dental insurance, but that is all I know about him/her. Oh & for those who are wondering, I do take good care of my teeth! I’m just on RA meds that work against my efforts (and my pocketbook).

5. Dance competitions Tonight, my daughter and I leave for her fourth & final dance competition of the year. It is a few hours away so we will be staying overnight. Her first performance is scheduled for 8:30 in the morning on Saturday (Ouch!) Did our parents do all this running around for us? Regardless, I am one proud mama to my uber talented daughter. Here’s wishing her and all the dancers from her studio good luck tomorrow!!!

Thanks for checking in… see you next Friday (& hopefully sooner) ….


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  1. As to #5, it seems that parents are much busier than they used to be, toting kids around in "Mom's taxi," the minivan, the "kid mobile," etc. My 11-year-old nephew had FOUR baseball games last weekend (two per day). I felt lucky to play TWO during a week, and we never played on weekends. Things seem to be much more child-centered these days, as if unscheduled "free time" is bad for a child's development. I do not support that argument. Just my $0.02.
    P.S. My sister Shannon is a dentist, so no dentist-hating!


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