Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do All Kids Dream of Being Famous?

My ten-year-old daughter has been taking dance lessons for several years now, and so last fall, I decided to take her to see the move “Fame.” I had seen the original version when I was around the same age. I knew she would enjoy seeing the dancers, if nothing else.
To me, this was an opportunity for a mother-daughter outing. To her, it was an epiphany. She sat in the theater mesmerized, soaking in every scene. When the movie was over, I told her that the story was based on a real high school in New York City. You would have thought I told her I just won the lottery. We talked about the possibility of her going to a performing arts high school when she got older. She decided to bypass high school and set her sights straight on Julliard instead.

When we got home, my daughter raced upstairs. I could hear the ceiling above me rattling under her dance steps. Eventually the vibrations stopped and silence once again ensued. After about an hour, she came down stairs holding a piece of paper.“Mom”, she asked showing me the paper listing her name several different ways, “When I become famous, how should I sign my name?” My daughter’s confidence suggested that becoming anything other than a celebrity was out of the question.

Ironically, the novel I have spent my summer writing, explores the issue of celebrity. The novel did not stem from my experience with my daughter, as I have had the idea for this book even before she was born. Yet I find it interesting that my own daughter is so interested in this topic.

My main character is a woman who had the opposite experience of my daughter. She finds herself famous, yet prefers to remain anonymous. While writing the book, I began to ask myself, “Do all kids want to be famous when they grow up? Did I?” I can remember sitting around a portable cassette player with my brother recording our own version of “The Donny and Marie Show, ” but that was more of a game, not a full out plan to have my name in lights some day.

I love that my daughter has something she is so passionate about, but of course I worry about what the future will hold. Still, I feel compelled to support her as best I can, and so I tell her – dream big!

Are you interested in reading an excerpt from my novel? Stay tuned!!

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  1. Sounds like it will be a great story Mama. Thanks for sharing what it will be about. I can't wait to read it :)


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